Wishing Well

On May 31st, 2017,  a few of us Social Services Worker students attended a community demonstration against domestic violence. It was called The Clothesline Project which was created to address the issues of violence against Women by providing a vehicle for the Women to express their emotions.  During this event a beautiful lady, Katie Command, played her guitar and sang a song that she wrote, called “Wishing Well”.  It touched us all deeply as it comes from a place close to her heart.  After the event we commented to each other how we wished that we had the lyrics to her song.  Funny enough, the very next day I actually ran into Katie out in the community so I approached her, and she was more than willing to share these beautiful words she wrote.


Wishing Well
Lets go, to the first place that I felt whole

In the wishing well, we made a wish

to never let go

Please let go
Cuz its not the same, your eyes are glazed

You raised your fist again

So I’ll take cover, lock the door

Another night on the bathroom floor
And I know its my fault I,

I set him off again

And in the morning I’ll awake, 

with bruises on my skin

And he’ll say
Lets go, to the wishing well 

and with a ring for my finger

promise never again

You pull me back in
But nothings changed, your eyes still glaze

You raise your fist again

And theres just nothing I can do

To snap him out of this one
And I know its my fault I, 

I set him off again

Another hospital bed I,

I must have tripped down those stairs again
People tell me to get out but I,

I cant let go

Cuz I can see the you that they dont

Im held captive by your spell
Back to the wishing well,

I pray let go,

And I let go.

~Katie Command
(Thank you so much Katie, for being a bright light in a dark world) 

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