Why Read Literature?

To visit a faraway land. To dance in the rain. And learn not to care. Take the trip you haven’t planned. To run a marathon. To fly a plane. And catch a rainbow. Being the wealthiest woman in the world. To rob a bank. To live as the poorest child in Asia. And steal a helicopter. Murder your ex. To give birth to a child. To be successful. And kill an animal. Burn in hell. To break the law. To have no law. And walk through heaven’s gates. Your death.

To be a terrorist. To be a pirate. And be lost at sea. Fall from a building. To jump from a plane. To drive the fastest car. And walk across the Sahara. Fight a war. To see blood, guts and death. To be attacked by a bear. And survive a tsunami. Be the president. To be his wife. To be a widow. And have been raped. Cut off your arm. To starve to death. To save your life.  And win the lotto. Diagnosed with cancer.

To lose a child. To be gay. And be bullied. Commit suicide. To climb Everest. To die on Everest. And be a surgeon. Save a life. To not save a life. To be eaten alive. And live in a cave. Travel through time. To run through a corn maze. To gut a fish. And live in the wild west. Go to the moon. To live in isolation. To be tortured. And watch your loved ones be tortured. Slowly bleed to death.

To fight for your rights. To die for your rights. And be hanged. Lie on the guillotine. To be blind. To be deaf. And be with mental illness. Live in a wheel chair. To kill your wife in a car accident. To walk the plank. And be eaten by a shark. Run for your life. To be shot at. To be caught. And be called a liar. Be a good liar. To be hit by a train. To be with a hooker. And have an affair. Lose everything.

To find happiness. To not be labeled . And be cherished. Travel Rome. To live in Rome. To travel to Sparta. And be a Spartan. Fight a Gladiator. To be kept a slave. To be Jackie Chan. And visit the Dalai Lama. Be kidnapped. To be held hostage for years. To live with trauma. And cut yourself numb to the pain. Ride a horse through a field of daisies. To smell the flowers. To be a bug. And fly like a bird. Have no conscious.

To fall over a waterfall. To jump off a trestle. And be an Apache. Scalp a white man. To be a train robber. To live in a civil war. And be a fair maiden. Slay a dragon. To be a half-naked Knight. To be the Lorax. And wear a Thneed. Dying rain forest. To be a Chief. To fight a fire. And be a Judge. Find one guilty. To be a lawyer. To prove her innocent. And save her life. Keep her children safe.

To be black. To question god. And worship evil. See a ghost. To hunt for treasure. To sail the seas. And never be found. Live ‘til 111. To be albino. To have no friends. And die with a whimper. Live in the Congo. To go mad in your head. To live from a backpack. And hitch-hike through the galaxy. Eat human flesh. To walk a tightrope. To be shipwrecked. And scrounge for fire. Must find water.

To be a Central American narco dealer. To catch malaria. And sleep in a trunk. Constantly watch your back. To own a business. To work too much. And go to therapy. Fix your marriage. To own a Smilodon. To train the kids. And balance your life. Be more efficient. To publish a book. To be more brave. And have sex in public. Never get caught. To be a drug addict. To go to jail. And escape from prison. Ski the Swiss Alps.

To silence Donald Trump. To own a space ship. And walk on the moon. Have a penis. To learn to learn. To become un-lonely. And feel their pain. Deal with manipulation. To live underwater. To survive an avalanche. And win the Dakar. World’s fastest woman. To walk the Catwalk. To be a super model. And live in paradise. Have no problems. To own your own island. To be buried alive. And fall in a volcano. Grow wings.

To be a virgin. To become famous. And be invisible. Never do wrong. To be beautiful. To have no body hair. And never cry. Be everything you ever wanted. To have a harem. To own a robot. And be completely self sufficient. Have the strength of a thousand men. To walk on water. To float in air. And never fall down. Remove all godly religion. To give life back. To never gain weight. And always be pretty. Live in a box.

To grow a beanstalk. To walk on a cloud. And sing in an oliveto. Find your true love. To drink tequila with George Clooney. To travel with Anthony Bourdain. And find spirit. Be more intelligent. To change your state of mind. To kill your parents. And be a sniper. Put your heart in a blender. To sit on the tip of the moon. To stop time. And be vulnerable. Slit her throat. To confess. To pull the trigger. And be a battered spouse. Give you comfort.

To be weirder than society allows. To see the eye of a storm. And to find neglected thoughts. Be invisible. To cross the line of acceptance. To recognize. And cast a spell. Be a hairy monster. To step through a portal. To drive the Autobahn. And fix a broken heart. Surf Todos Santos. To be an astronaut. To float in space. And see the world. Squish it between your thumb and finger.

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