Brainwashing/Gaslighting Children

“You both need to get along for the sake of the children”  If I hear this from a judge one more time I am going to scream!

What tunnel vision does a judge have to think that abuse is directed only towards me.  It’s towards my ENTIRE family.  EVERYONE!  He is abusing EVERYONE.  It is psychological abuse, gaslighting, criminal harassment, yet not quite prosecutable…?  Not only is he gaslighting me, but our children.  His children!  He is brainwashing them to think that not only me, their mother, but my (their) entire family, including their older brother, are all bad people.  Two weeks ago when I got the boys back from their visit with their father, they were sitting in the back seat of my car and had a huge box of Halloween candy given to them by their dad.  I commented, with a smile on my face “holy moly boys look at all your goodies”  my youngest quickly responded “daddy said we’re not allowed to share with Big Brother” (I will not say my oldest sons name, so we will refer to him as Big Brother).  Okay, like really!!  What the hell is going on and why on earth would ANYONE, tell their little boys to NOT share with their sibling.  This enrages  me, it is disgusting and only a sick individual would mess with little kids heads like this in order to get at me.

I am looking forward to the fact that my children are now getting old enough to talk about events that go on with their father.  However their dad is really good and dangling just the right kind and amount of attention in front of them to keep them interested in having contact with him.  Elaborate promises of gifts and trips, toys that are bought and only allowed to be kept at dads house.  Creating an unrealistic lifestyle for me to uphold.  Creating judgement in the boys heads toward me since I can’t compare financially to their father.  Especially my youngest, he display acts of anger towards me regularly about the lack of toys we have at our house, how daddy has all the good toys at this house.  I don’t have a 150,000.00 a year income.  I live off child support and government tax benefits.  I am also a full time student, who doesn’t qualify for a student loan.  I do okay, we get by with enough food and basic needs for the most part, but definitely do not have extra for lavish Thomas the Train sets, big Lego kits, outdoor climbing gear, weekend trips and eating out.  Do people not see that all this lavish crap is simply a means of controlling his children?It’s all fake, a front, a way to keep his kids interested in him.  Take all the fancy crap away and see what’s left.  A man who brainwashes his children, a man who lies to his children about their close family members, he is trying to alienate them from their entire family.  A man who has shoved a sock into my oldest sons mouth, choking him,  for crying and being too sensitive.  A man who has made two collages of my cut up, decapitated baby phots and left outside of my mothers house.  A man who kicked the kids puppy so hard it caused her lungs to collapse.  My middle son tells me that if he sticks up for any of us during one of his dads’ rants, he gets punished for it.  Oh but wait, I’ll take you to the store and buy you what ever you want and buy back your love.  TYPICAL PSYCHOPATHIC ABUSIVE BEHAVIOUR.

No wonder his own father didn’t want him there when he was dying from cancer.


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