Another Stupid Court Appearance

Yesterday I had to testify. Last October, he was charged with threatening my life in front of the children during an exchange. I had brought the kids to him for his court ordered access. 

He was acquitted, as I expected and feared. He lied, under oath: completely and convincingly. Luckily, after he threatened me last year, I chose to represent myself and do an urgent ex-parte application, in Supreme Court, to stop all contact and exchange of the children until further order of the court.  Now that he has been acquitted I am sure he will be putting forth an application to regain his parenting time. 

The judge yesterday claimed there wasn’t enough evidence to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that he committed the crime.  The judge also said that I need to try harder to get along with him for the sake of the children, and that he was sure “something” happened that day during the exchange, but couldn’t determine what.  000000000

I am so sick and tired of being told by judges to “get along” with my ex for the sake of the children. You stupid people. How do I get along with a sociopathic abuser? Maybe I should take a course, or buy a book?  Or better yet, how about you court order me to attend some kind of counseling to correct my emotional instability. Or get the Ministry of Children and Family Development involved and send a Family Support Counselor into my home to make sure I am doing a good job raising my children.

After the judge made his decision, my ex smugly smiled, glanced over his shoulder at me, and stood up proudly. Immediately after walking out of the court house he called my boyfriend and left a voice mail.  That voice mail was of him yelling “Yahoo!” An expression of success, winning, empowerment …I can only begin to imagine what will happen now.  I am sure he will go back to the constant harassment, the threats, the phone calls, the courts, the harassment of my entire family and social circle …all the things we have documented over the past three years.

And still, it won’t be enough for the crown to approve criminal harassment charges.

One thought on “Another Stupid Court Appearance

  1. Lori

    I am deeply saddened by this news. I am tired too of this absolutely inappropriate behaviour. It’s like the courts have given him their blessing to continue to disrupt your life and the lives of the children and anyone who knows you!
    This madness must stop. It’s time ‘him’ to be given a real time out. Eventually he might give up and go away but in the meantime he gets to continuously do damage.
    We are with you and those precious children.

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