Mission I’m~possible

I  created this site in order to bring awareness to a very serious problem we are having in our country.  Many people think that once an individual escapes an abusive relationship with their children they are safe, that they got out…But the terrorism and torture they may find themselves subjected to can be horrific.  Statistics show that 70% of women who are murdered by their batterers are killed when they leave or after they leave the relationship!

LINK:  What is considered Abuse?

You lie in bed, your own bed, at night. Your kids are tucked in “safe and sound” in their new beds.  You feel a new sense of self worth, you feel refreshed and free.  A feeling you never thought you’d feel again.  You look at the picture you hung earlier, on your bedroom wall, and smile, “God, it’s been years since I was allowed to hang a picture”.  It’s beautiful, this feeling…until your first court appearance. 

Now you enter your new life of Court Ordered Abuse

LINK:  Court Ordered Child Abuse ~ in the United States … We need more activists here working on this very serious problem. It’s no different in Canada than across the border in the United States.

It is my goal to help bring awareness to the fact that Co-Parenting and Parallel Parenting with an abuser is actually a perfect way to continue subjecting your children to the abuse which you just escaped from.  The way the courts are handling these cases is horrific and NOT in the best interest of the child.  We MUST come up with a better way of handling these cases.  We must focus on the children, not the “biological rights of a parent.” If you abuse a child the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) can and will remove your child from your custody.  So please tell me why a judge feels that if you are a biological parent, you have a right to that child still, even when you have been criminally charged for the abuse!

LINK: Get Help Now!    If you feel that you or someone you know may be in danger please don’t be afraid to take that first step.  There is no shame in standing up for what is right!